Liteon burner now doesnt like generic media

i have a liteon sohw 832s…recently it doesnt burn well on any generic media…i’ve used sony vyo8 firmware for the past few months burning generics and branded dvd+/-r…but now…it can only do good burns on branded media…generic medias like the POMSI002 dvd+r doesnt burn well anymore on my liteon…i’ve already used maybe 50 or more media with good burns for the past six months and only recently did i noticed that the problem with my liteon is it doesnt like generics?

Crap in = Crap out, stick cheap media in expect crap results, cheap media can be highly variable in quality thus why your now having issues stick to good quality discs and you should be fine

“generic” is far too generic a term. (pun intended :slight_smile: )

If you have been on these forums long enough to have 48 posts, by now you should have picked up on a couple of things. Number 1, always be specific. In particular, tell us the media ids, the brand name under which it was purchased, and where purchased. Number 2, post scans.

It really depends on the brand of your media. As an example: I use a lot of Ritek G05 brand Traxdata and Arita. The Arita is Crap. The Traxdata is great.
I don’t think there are certain types of media that works great with some drives and are craps with other drives. I think a good media will work on all drives.

I would have to respectfully disagree here. I have a spindle of RitekG05 media which produces great looking scans when burnt on my Pioneer 108. When I burn the same media on my Nec 3500 or Benq 1620, the scans are mediocre to downright bad. I also have some cheap 4x +R discs “MEDIAID001” which give nice results on the Benq 1620 or Nec 3500, but terrible results on the Pioneer 108.

You really have to match the media to the burner.


What do you call “terrible scan”? Will you say that a burn with a quality score of 98 is
a good burn. And an other one with 92 is a terrible scan?
I am sure that because drives use different strat, there are differences in result. I mean a good media can produce a very good burn with one drive, and an average burn with an other, but not a crap.

What’s up in Texas ? I spent 5 years of my life there (Dallas, Fortworth, and Denton). I have to agree I kind of lost my English since, sorry for that.

ok…thanks…will do scans

Some generic media is really good and cheap, but I agree that it depends on your drive and firmware.

If Sony firmware did badly on your media, why don’t you flash back the original firmware? The best solution may be to switch different firmwares for different media :stuck_out_tongue: .