Liteon burner for on the fly reading

i had danaged my liteon rom drive & my pioneer 107 but my new nec 3520 is ok so i need a new reader for on the fly burning so i thought spend a bit more & get burner and be able to do k probe scans but would a liteon burner make a good on the fly reader or just stick with getting another rom drive

Sony Dwd 22Ab2 £39.00
Sony 700A £37.00
Liteon Sohw-1653-01C-02C £41.99
Liteon Sohw-1673-05C £39.00
just get another liteon rom and wait for pie-pif scaning to come for nec

I use my 1633S for my reader when doing on the fly copying and it works great. For the low price of burners get a burner. Just one opinion though. :slight_smile:

I am not a fan of Benq but their 1620 supports scans and is a fast, quality reader and burner.

I bought a Aopen 1648/pro for scanning and riping. Well it turns out its a great ripper but I have to may lock ups with it on scanning so for me I going to do what you said and wait for my 3500 to do scanning. But if you want a great ripper and on the fly reader you can’t go wrong with the Aopen. :slight_smile: