LiteOn bundling Nero with 32123S?

Can someone explain why they are bundling with the LiteOn drive. Actually this is a rant. Oh the Nero seems to work fine, but they don’t list it as supported on their website. The problem is InCD is not, I repeat, NOT! compatible with the 32123S yet. What a huge mistake I made not going for the 24x LiteOn burner. Those larger numbers just got me, and silly me, I thought a newer burner with the XP logo would be more compatible with XP. It is with XP, its just not compatible (fully) with the software to use the damn thing. This thing supports burning in “RAW” alright.

I can’t believe they did this to me. The only way I got packet writing was with VOB InstantCD6. I’ve already paid $49 since it works and I’ll get over it, but they ripped me off. What, I’m supposed to wait a few months for InCD to catch up? No way.

I tried: InCD232, EZCDCreator 5.1/DirectCD (supposedly XP compatible), and NTIUS’s FileCD (couldn’t recognize my drive, which is a shame since it packet writes in ISO 9660).

CD Mate and CloneCD are apparently ready to go, but I want my MTV, I mean packet writing. Thanks for listening.

Look at my post in the Nero forum…

I bought a Lite-on 32-12-40 recently from PC World. It came bundled along with Nero and In-CD.

I installed the CD-Writer & the software on the PC and updated Nero to The first thing I tried was In-CD using Infiniti 10x rated CD-RW and Kodak 4x CD-RWs. It formatts CD-RWs rather quickly and gave no trouble reading, writing and deleting files to/from the CD-RWs. :stuck_out_tongue:

On my other PC, I have a Samsung SW408B 8x8x32 drive and altough it supports Roxio Direct CD without problems, it gave problems with In-CD. With In-CD, it can read from a UDF packet writing disc, but nothing gets written when I copy data onto the disk. :confused:

I also tried using Roxio formatted CD-RWs with In-CD on the Lite-on. In-CD will read & write to/from CDs formatted with Direct CD 5.0 or later, but would not recogonise Direct CD 4.0 formatted CDs, CDs formatted with compression and unfinalised Direct CD formatted CD-Rs.

For writing purposes, I would recommend Roxio Direct CD for packet writing and Nero for almost everything else. Direct CD supports packet written CD-Rs (useful for incremental backup) and CD-RWs. On CD-RWs, it also supports compression making it useful for large projects, saved webpages, etc. :smiley:

I’ve seen a machine where In-CD couldn’t format a CD in a Lite-on 12x10x32 drive, but found out later that the PC had a Klez Virus. After the virus had been removed, the Lite-on gave no trouble afterwards.

I read from various Forums that the 32123s Lite-on drive gave trouble with CD-RWs with certain firmware versions. It might be a good idea to some Firmware updates from the website, give the computer a Virus check (F-prot for DOS is freeware) and then try In-CD once again.