LiteOn Bundled CDRW's

The CDRWs that liteon distributed with their Liteon drives dont seem to be such good quality. I recently took it out of storage and found the edges of the CD had started peeling off. Im lucky i noticed because i was about to input this into my CD drive.

This is the Liteon 4-12x High speed cdrw that is usually packed with the 48125W. Obviously a very cheap CDRW i have never damaged this cd and has only been used 4 times in its lifetime. The top of the cd that fell off is not the data bit, but the metal at the very edge of the cd. I keep my cdr/rw cool and out of light so i dont see why this should happen? Anyy ideas why this would happen or are these Liteon / Nanya plastics cheap cds?

LiteOn is not exactly known for bundling good media with their drives :slight_smile:

Yup, got Princo CDRW w/ my lite-on. Has compatibility issues when doing cross platform backup (Mac to PC and vice versa).