LiteOn BookType tool not working with Imation SOHW-1673S rebadge

I flashed it with stock SOHW-1673S JS07 firmware, and it still says “unsupported drive detected”.

Which tool works like LiteOn booktype tool? Do I have to set booktype everytime I burn a DVD+R? And when is the time to set booktype (before burning/while burning/after burning?

The tools works just fine w/ JS07 for me… you are using the latest 1.3.5 version of the utility, right?

Perhaps these two FAQ entries can be of help…

Yeah, I was using v1.3.5. BTW, does DVD Decrypter do the same thing?

From the FAQ, I understood that I can’t set DVD+R booktype after burning, but can I do it before burning, or does it always have to be while burning?

i just looked at dvddecrypter and there are 2 entries for +R/+R DL, it looks like 1 is for tempery setting and the other writes to Eeprom, so should stay set after re-boot.

I have one of these drives too (Internal firmware rev: JSIA; Firmware timestamp: 2005/03/31). Sorry - I’d like to ask a basic question. I’ve noticed the imation firmware is not supporting the booktype bitsetting using the LiteOn utility also, so I’m trying to determine the best course of action.

Should I:

(a) use FlashFix, or
(b) use Omnipatcher to change the Drive ID to a 1673S, or
© use Omnipatcher to enable cross-flashing

then flash with JS07 (using the liteonexe)…

or any other suggestion.

Thanks very much.

Can DVD-Decrypter’s EEPROM booktype settings cause problems? Should I backup EEPROM before applying the settings?

No, there is no need to. Just like there’s no need to back up the EEPROM before resetting the region settings :slight_smile: (because they’re stored there, too).