LiteOn Blu Ray writers - All Mediatek chipsets? No Nexperia? Why?


I’m mostly a reader on this forum. But now I would like to ask a question.

I really liked the Philips Nexperia chipsets in the Philips/Benq DVD writers. I consider it to be the best DVD writer chipset. Now I know the first generation Philips/LiteOn Blu ray writers used the Sunext chipset. the Nexperia chipsets. But the IHAS124 and newer don’t seem to use them anymore if I am correct? Is this true?

Is this an improvement? What do you think?

Does anybody know why the stop using them, and why LiteOn doesn’t sell Blu Ray writers anymore?

I don’t own a Blu-ray writer, but most DVD writers switched to using Mediatek chipsets probably because of supply/cost issues, so I am assuming that the same should happen to Blu-ray writers, especially from a manufacturer such as LiteOn that has been using Mediatek chipsets for years. Usually a product is not available anymore when the demand is low to justify production. Having said this, I am wondering what LG and Pioneer use in their Blu-ray writers these days?

…simply progress, actually within UltraHD Blu-ray.