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I am altogether new to posting at cdfreaks - in fact this is my first post, so please pardon my ignorance.

The DVD burner I am using is a Lite-On SHM-165P6S04C; with this DVD burner, is it possible to bit-set DVD+R discs to DVD-R and if so what are the steps and/ or programs required? I have looked at BookType135 and DVDBitsetter, but neither program provided me the means to alter the bitset of the DVD+R discs to that of DVD-R compatibility. I am using Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 1-16x 4.7Gb discs.


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It’s only possible to change DVD+R to DVD-ROM. It’s not possible to change DVD-R. Bitsetting DVD+R to DVD-ROM should improve compatibility with players which have problems playing DVD+R.
I used succesfully Booktype135 for that purpose. Load a DVD+R, change the booktype, burn the disk. The setting should be remembered for future burns.

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Use BookType135 to bitset your dvd+r to dvd-rom.

Works on my 165P6S.

Here is some interesting stuff to read:

shudders Both and are ad-infested websites that present information scraped from other sources in such a way as to generate ad revenue (this is especially true for the site).

In any case, the following Wikipedia entry is a much better page to link to:

ad-infested websites

Everybodys got to make a buck. I regularly run spyware and apply other protections as well. I assume other dilligent users do this as well.

Regarding K-probe, the link was not to the k-probe site but a thread. Here is what it said:

There has been a lot of debate about being able to set DVD-R media to DVD-ROM using DVDInfoPro. I want to hear from what people think about this?

Rumors are that the newest Nero and HP 520N firmware in the NEC 2500 can bitset the DVD-R to DVD-ROM and also rumored that the Nutech hardware, such as the NU-081 and 082 drives have been able to -R bitset to -ROM.

my benq dw1640 can set every media type to -ROM with Quikees’s WOPC Tool. at least nero cd-dvd speed reported dvd-rom on a dvd-rw i had bitset. i don’t use -r media anymore, so can’t proof it, but i’m sure someone over in the benq forum did or can do this, too.

[off-topic] Yes, people gotta make a buck, but there are legitimate and illegitimate ways to do so. The website does so by hosting (initially, without permission; now they just link to CDRL/CDF) software that they did not produce and also by doing it in such a way that makes people think that they are responsible for that software (e.g., the domain name). Such websites are, to be blunt, parasitic, and when the website first appeared on the radar about two years ago, there were a number of people on this forum, including staff and the KProbe author, who frowned upon the website. Just because that website now has a forum doesn’t change what it is. (BTW, I never said anything about ad/malware).

Furthermore, the original poster did not ask about setting -R to -ROM. S/he was asking about +R to -R, which that thread does not touch on. Also, the thread at contains just one post: a question with no response. There are many threads about the -R to -ROM controversy at CD Freaks and various other forums that would have been more relevant to the -R->-ROM topic. [/off-topic]

My posting simply said:

Here is some interesting stuff to read:

I do not see further discussions as leading anywhere positive or productive. We agree to disagree.

Many thanks for your collective advice, as this has assisted me in setting the media type to -ROM.

Silly people. :slight_smile:

I use NERO 6.x - Under the RECORDER menu of the Burning ROM application, select CHOOSE RECORDER and then select your drive and expand the OPTIONS button at the lower-left of the screen.

You can set the book type to DVD-ROM and all should be well. :slight_smile:

But only when you burn with Nero.

With BookType135 you change the burners bitsetting to dvd-rom for all burnsoftware.

I believe that once I set it in NERO, it stays there regardless of what app you use to burn. All my ImgBurn burns come out as DVD-ROM when I use DVD+R, for example.

Can you check ImgBurn settings.

ImgBurn have it’s own sttings for bitsettings.

I wonder if it’s a good idea to set booktype and save to EEPROM

Soon after BS0S came out (december 2004) for the LiteOn 1633 I changed the booktype to DVD-ROM (with Booktype 135), and all my DVD+R’s I burned since then are by default booktyped DVD-ROM. The only time I had to repeat the bitsetting was flashing back to LiteOn firmware after trying a Sony firmware (BXY5), flashing new LiteOn firmwares always kept the setting in the EEPROM.

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Setting booktype using imgburn eeprom option will also set it permanently to what’s selected. It’s pretty safe i’ve done it a few times.

Yes, it’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

And just as an aside, I don’t think that “EEPROM” is really the best label for that option. Yes, it is technically correct because it is saving the data to the EEPROM, but this presents a couple of minor problems…

1/ How many people know what the EEPROM is? To the author of ImgBurn: Why not pick a phrase like “remember setting” (“permanent” is another possibility, except that it’s not really “permanent” when you go easily change it to another “permanent” setting).

2/ There is a bit of “beware of the EEPROM” going around, which is perfectly legitimate when it comes to modifying it in a “raw” form, but people should also realize that the EEPROM is written to all the time, whenever you do a burn and whenever you change your region setting. In fact, when you make a Litey drive region-free, it’s modifying the EEPROM, but because LtnRPC doesn’t say anything about the EEPROM, there has never been an issue of people asking “is it safe to use LtnRPC to set the region information in the EEPROM?”

So the effect of associating “remember booktype” with “EEPROM” is that fewer people make use of what is, IMHO, a perfectly sensible option.