LiteOn - Bit of FUN - Internal Dirt Cleaning

Hotter than heck outside, so, had some spare time to do a project that’s always had me a bit curious.
Wondered how much “internal dust/haze” accumulates inside a DVD drive…

LiteOn 832

  • in operation for 15 months
  • PC case: filtered air intake (2 x 120mm at about 60cfm airflow)


  • some “haze” inside DVD casing
  • dust collected at back of tray assembly (from dust spun off media?)
  • top and bottom hub assembly relatively clean
  • dust accumulated at ends of rails (one “eyelash” sized hair found)
  • small amount of dust in optics gimble assembly
  • optics looks fairly “haze free,” but cleaned anyway


PS: this may cause excess stress to “clean freaks”

I don’t know why but this thread made me happy.


  • you cracked me up! - still laughing !

On the downside, however, now that I know “dust/haze” level, I gotta do an 811 and check an A08XL next - Boooo!

Funny, let us know what your other result are. :iagree:


  • Results? - same as before, churning and burning with good results
  • (there were no issues, prior to disassembly and cleaning, just curious about “internal dust/haze” accumulation, over a year of operation. Approx. 300 disks burnt, so far.)


  • Enough people bugged me about results after cleaning…
  • As I said before, there were no issues, prior to cleaning
  • This is the first burn, after cleaning, loading HP VPSG, ID set to 832, bitset, with R01/R02 and CMC F01/F01 swaps.
  • Good ol’ Ricoh R01 (from Memorex “printable” stockpile)

LiteOn 812 @ 832 - Retail
Production date: March 2004

  • EEPROM - Zebra Modded
  • FW: HP-VPSG-(ID Header set to LiteOn 832)-(OPatcher v2.4-R0102-CMCF0101 Swap and Bitset)
  • RecordNow Max DX v4.61 - (460B42c.507.126)


  • Memorex “Printable” - R01 x4 (good ol’ stuff)
  • Burn Speed: x8
  • DVD PBS recording; 3.9gB


  • 811 HS0Q
  • KProbe v2.4.2

Yes my first thoughts were “he should really get out more” :bigsmile:


Is it to early to ask for a sticky one?