LiteOn BD-R 12x burner for eighty bucks at NewEgg



3D Feature IHBS112-04, shipping is free.



3D Feature IHBS112-04, shipping is free.[/QUOTE]

Actually, shipping is a dollar.

Anyway, does anyone know the difference between the iHBS112-04 and the iHBS112-29? The latter costs $15 more on Newegg. Both are OEM bare drives with the same specs (though Newegg specs are often inaccurate). The only difference that I can tell (just by looking at Newegg) is that the -29 bundles a software disc. But are there other differences (esp. in hardware?).

I’ve been burned by these LiteOn variants before. I wanted to get a DVD burner with a MediaTek chipset, but ended up with a model that uses the same chipset as NEC drives (ick), and the only difference between the two variants was that -nn at the end…


I didn’t bother checking model #'s but Frys is selling a 12x blu ray burner with LightScribe… (what else is new)
Not sure if we’ll see 16x blu ray burners… engineers seem to claim 12x is about as fast as it’s gonna get-- but just like 52-56x cdrom speeds were common, somebody’s gonna push the envelope and try 58-60x (15.x speed bd-r)



3D Feature IHBS112-04, shipping is free.[/QUOTE]

Again, eighty bucks for the LITE-ON Black 12X BD-R Burner with Blu Ray 3D Feature IHBS112-04, shipping is free.


What does Including CyberLink BD Solution on the IHBS112-29 mean? This is going for $99.99. with free shipping. Thanks…


[QUOTE=Thunderbolt69;2608067]What does Including CyberLink BD Solution on the IHBS112-29 mean? This is going for $99.99. with free shipping. Thanks…[/QUOTE]
It comes with CyberLink software for basic Blu-ray playback and burning, kind of like an introduction to the world of Blu-ray. The listings for bare drives with no software (such as the cheaper -04 “bundle” that has only the drive) require you to source your own software for even basic playback and writing.


The free imgburn software is what i use for burning both single and double layer blu ray disks. It works much better for me than Nero ever did.


I think I’ve seen LG blu ray burners WITH LIGHTSCRIBE for around $69.99 from newegg w/ coupon code.
I’m still betting on a $49.99 price tag for black friday and good deals on media including BD-Rs!


If you want 3D playback plus the software and Lightscribe (the latter for regular DVD’s of course) then the 212 model is better:
That’s the one I have.


Both the 112 and 212 can do 3D playback. For that matter, any drive that reads BD can do 3D playback (with the proper software).


Thanks for clarifying that.


$60.00~free shipping


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2612813]$60.00~free shipping[/QUOTE]

Thanks jamescooley. Been waiting for one to go this low. Or the pioneer.


Dang that’s a good price. I have no need of one since I have one and the Pioneer, but dang that’s inexpensive for a good BD burner.



3D Feature IHBS112-04, shipping is free.[/QUOTE]

Just seventy bucks now, with free shipping.


$70 will probably be a bare drive price ceiling coming next year… (except for RETAIL bundles). Typical drives should end up in the $49-$69 range which is where DVD burners were when they were newish (and began mass adoption by desktop/then laptop PCs). To charge more is price gouging since the tech has been standardized nearly 4 years ago already (2/08 - 2/12). Prices went from a high of $400 to a new recent low of around $50. Most people could do the math and see a decent HTPC with a bigish hard drive would have been a better bet than a blue ray player in 08 & 09.