Liteon and TY bad -> WSES


Apparently, even Liteon’s own software says that Liteon and TY media is not the best combo. Is this true with all Liteon and TY discs?

What media is best for the Liteons then? I am after good CDR and CDRW.


I have had the best results using Ritek media. the worst perfromance I have had has been with CMC media. and this has been with Lite On’s from 12x, 16x,24x,32x and 48X speeds.

where did u hear that lite-on and TY aren’t a good combo? i only use TY and my C1 errors are probably about as close to zero as u can get (avg = 0.048 on a recent scan using cd doctor).

Liteon’s own software

??? I was unaware that LiteOn made software… If you’re talking about WSES and poor error rates on some media, perhaps you should post your test results.

Sorry, I dot hav results. These are just the comments from what I have read on this forum.

I just did a test on some new 1x-32x That’s CD-R/Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s that I burnt at 32x on my LTR-32123S.

Recorded @ 32x on a LiteON LTR-32123S @ XS0Z
Read @ 40x on the same drive.
Tested using CD Doctor.

C1 MAX: 9
C1 AVG: 0.145
C2 MAX: 0
C2 AVG: 0.00

Although the C1 average for other drives using Taiyo Yuden media have been known to drop lower than an average of 0.145 (over 80min), the LiteON doesn’t do too badly and it’s safe to say that TY CD-R’s work very well with LiteON drives. As you notice, the C1 count maxes out at 9. Outstanding if you ask me!