Liteon and safedisc 2.80.10 YES YES YES

I have beaten 2.80.10 using the tip with Discdump and Nero.
Clonecd will not work.
Using Liteon 24/10/32s

The game is The Sims Beestenboel (Unleashed)

what version of diskdump did u use?

Where do you download Discdump?

i think that it is ddump 1.10 but the the frontend is 1.4a3.

Final version of discdump is 1.10. You can find instructions for its set-up and use here .

Yoy can also use the freeware burnatonce which incorporates a slightly modified version of discdump. Link to download page and instructions are in the same thread referred to above.

(Interesting that freeware succeeds where commercial software has failed. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have a TDK 48x16x48 same as a lite-on. I tried to copy Sims Unleashed with clonecd and failed several times. I use the ddump method and came up with a perfect copy, I also found that the easiest way for me to make a perfect copy was to use CDMATE and the default settings for safedisc 2.

this is not only in this case. often freeware will work when commercial fails.:Z :Z