Liteon and -R and +R

Why would Liteon manufacture a DVD writer that has poor quality in writing -R media. (hypothetically) is it that liteon is thinking ahead and knows -R is dying out. It would make sense to make a DVD writer that has good quality with both formats right? Or is it just the media brand and compatiblity with the drive that determines the quality?

-R vs +R = NVidia vs ATI ???

Sorry if Iā€™m coming of a bit n00bish :slight_smile:

My Liteon drive has no problem with good DVD-R media. Poor quality DVD-R media is more common than poor quality DVD+R media.

my 411 and 811(when i had it) loved -r i had a ritekg03 burn that was the best that i was every able to accomplish with my 811. but i have way more +r and it was not so great with +r.