LiteOn and Firmware Upgrades



Maybe its just my imagination but why is LiteOn soooooooooo slow when it comes to release Firmware on the official Firmware website.
Everyone toys around with VS0B currently but you cant get it from the official site but everything says its official i dont get that lol


LiteOn is generally fairly quick to develop new firmwares. Their tech support dept., which manages the firmware downloads, are generally pretty darn slow to put out updates. I’d imagine that it’ll take some prodding, either from annoyed customers or from the R&D people to get them to put stuff out. This is just a guess.

VS0B is most certainly already long outdated (I mean, VY06 is newer than VS0B, and since LiteOn has a tendency to base their OEM firmwares off of some regular firmware, that’d imply that there’s a good chance that there’s a regular firmware newer than VS0B)… BS0C is also quite ancient…


Hmm ic so the problem is not LiteOn but the tech support for being slow. O.o


Ive talked to two diff people at Lite-On trying to determine if there is a VS0B or a newer test firmware … and I’m getting back is that VS0A is the latest … they claim to not know what VS0B is !!!


LOL! Yea, that’s tech support for ya. They are probably hired for the sound of their voice and not for their technical expertise.


I’ll tell you this … it wasn’t the sound of their voice either. I could barely understand a word of what they said :slight_smile:


I get all my Lite-On firmware from c0deguys :smiley:

BTW; many “call-support´s” are nowdays located in India and other lowcost asian countrys. :frowning:


Thanks for the info. Just curious: any idea why they take so long to release? Is it because it still goes thru some testing? And if they find some problem maybe they scrap it, don’t release, correct the problem and bump the version number, so, e.g. BS0G could never be released?


I doubt they really test it before releasing. There have been a few incidents where they very quickly pushed out a firmware after it was created (VS0A, for example), where they have very quickly replaced a firmware that was just posted because of bugs (VS04 replacing VS03, for example), and where they have just outright pulled a firmware because of problems (NK07 and a couple of the 411S/811S firmwares)… if they really tested things that extensively, then these three kinds of things wouldn’t be happening.

My best guess is that 1) there is bureaucracy and poor communication and 2) their customer service dept. doesn’t really care enough…


Hmm maybe not a good but a interesting question do they get paid for nothin ? XD
i mean they dont test check or do anything that helps the enduser to avoid problems so what do they ? XD
and they predict to know nothing about their own new firmware.
Really weird in my opinion XD


I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of the people asking for support don’t even know what a firmware is. My best guess is that most of their problems are DMA issues, software issues, oh-my-goodness-this-is-harder-to-use-than-my-VCR issues, etc. As a result, people working in their cust. service dept. are probably just people who they can convince to work for them for a low wage and probably have very little expertise themselves–their way of diagnosing a problem is probably just going through a checklist of common solutions or following a pre-made list of “if they answer this, then ask that” flowchart (much like how the built-in Windows XP troubleshooter works)… so I given this conjecture on the nature of their tech support, I doubt that they’ll be having tech support do testing on the firmware and seeing if there are bugs in the firmware that the firmware makers missed.


Somewhat strange how can for example i give support to people when i dont get the whole picture.
Thats not really effective.
Sounds like german support from the telekom lol
You call them they say dunno and then you are on the same point as before the call.