Liteon and DVD-Ram

I recently upgraded my DVD writer. and I chose a Liteon SOHW-1673S over the LG GSA-4163B even though the LG got better reviews and has DVD-Ram support. The reason for this is, that my old drive was a Liteon and it never let me down. EVER. No matter how good LG can be, I doubt I’ll ever like it. I guess I’m just a Liteon fan.
Now, my question is this: in your opinion, do you think that the currently available Liteon models might possibly add DVD-Ram support through their firmware in the near future? I know for a fact that theoretically it is possible because it is written on the Panasonic’s site. But I’m wondering what you guys think. What are the chances of this happening?

Well, anything is possible. You might just consider adding the LG as an extra. It has near perfect burns and would make a very logical addition to your Liteon. At $62 you could get a lot of use out of it before you might ever see Liteon with RAM. I upgraded to NEC from Liteon and I still find the LG does some media better than NEC and quite a bit better than Liteon. No regrets.

Liteon doesn’t support DVDRAM mainly because of the MedTek Chips. If someone can mod it, it is possible. (Just guess)

Nope, it won’t have DVD-RAM support.
You should have bought the LG GSA-4163B … or waited for the LG GSA-4165B with DVD-RAM and LightScribe support. :iagree:

Sorry but I’d rather LITEON spend their very limited resources on IMPROVING their product (better burn quality across more media) and features that we want… Now ask yourself, how many people use DVD-RAM ? If there is enough demand for this feature then I see no reason why LITEON would ignore it… Truth it there is not a big demand - The chances of LITEON supporting this through firmware is nill - and I reckon you have better chances of getting struck by lightning TWICE whilst tripping on hailstones lit on fire! :slight_smile:

I might have to change my opinion.

LiteOn has plans to release a Multi drive (RAM 5x capable) late this year. Of course, plans can change. It will be a MTK chipset of a completely new variety.