Liteon and clonev4

Well i’m a bit puzzled really !
On doing some testing with my liteon 40125s fwZSOA ive found that with clone cd v4 b30 i cannot access raw dao / sao/ tao
But can on clone v3xxx i only get the options of write speeds aws etc.Is this an issue with clonecd not fully supporting the liteon as yet?
What makes me ask this- is on cdrsoft ive read an artical from the forum that read / write at full speed on raw sao as given some interesting results - basically the safedisk 2 xxx will play in any cdrom drive and makes the backup even easier to copy than the original if needed :cool: .
ALSO :eek: Why does the backup process on clone always revert to hardware error correction away from the default software fast error skip ? is this normal ? it basically says ltn bla bla bla does not support current fast error skip settings !
Anyway the game in question was alice - o/s xp - plll.
If anything the top question about dao/sao/tao which the ltn alledged supports is not available to me :confused:


It reverts to hardware cause LiteOn’s doesn’t support software.
And hardware is the mode which produces working backups.

Thanks Airhead thats cleared that one up.

Would you know why i cant get to sao /tao/ dao settings in clone
not even available to me i only get the speed options but was ok in v3.

thanks again :wink: