LITEON and CD freaks forum?

what the hells goin on… some threads dissapearing…

cannot link to ltnflash cannnot convert to another drive…:confused:

sorry i was not around for 2 days… did i miss anything???:stuck_out_tongue:

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… some threads dissapearing…

…while the mafia’s bosses still are on the loose… :bigsmile:

Maybe there is a reason why Lite-On tried to prevent the LDW-401S upgrade?

Maybe it should not be done due to licesing issues, and other issues as well?

Maybe there is some companies and lawyers behind the - format not being to happy that some drives suddenly got - format support without anyone paying licensing fees for these drives?

Did you think about that?

but either way there is somthin called “RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP”…
i buy somethin then its all mine… right

imagin u buy a mercedes and the company says “Sorry sir i don’t think u can upgrade ur seat covers… its againsts our licence with the seat cover manufacturer…”:stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t really compare this to normal life. You are of course free to upgrade your drive with whatever you’d like and with the firmwares that increased your speed we saw no problem at all, besides voiding your warranty. However to use the dash and the plus format Lite-On has to pay licensing fees and the company could become in big trouble if the dash format found out that the company is making drives that could be using the dash format without paying for it.

It would be no suprise to us, that when we are the ones to spread this information, Lite-On will blame us for this and will take legal actions against us. Besides that if they know it is possible they will study all possibilities and prevent our visitors from doing so in the future. As of yet there are many studying how it all works, but it is too dangerous at the moment to release this information. It has three main reasons:

[li] Legal actions due use of unlicensed formats
[/li][li] Making it more difficult in the future to do an upgrade
[/li][li] Not bringing others and their families in trouble over one simple flash

Also some people inside Lite-On are in trouble because of this and we feel that we should take our responsibility and not bring them in trouble for those that want to flash their drive. Sure it’s nice to you but would you happily write your DVD-Rs knowing that you brought some people’s job in danger? Well we don’t want to take that responsibility.

I’m not saying we will never allow you to discuss these issues, but at the moment there is too much risk involved with too little to gain and likely even bigger problems in the future. We know Lite-On is watching this board and we want to let them know that we don’t want to see them in trouble as well as ourselves. Certainly not for a simple flash which has much more consequences for them and us then for you.


Getting something without paying for it?

Isn’t that the whole reason I bought a burner to begin with? :stuck_out_tongue: (and the reason I’ve never paid for a WinOS yet?)

then from were did u get ur Os anyway…:stuck_out_tongue:

these forums do not allows piracy in anyway… you are skating on thin ice…

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these forums do not allows piracy in anyway… you are skating on thin ice…

ok almighty silco…whatever…look buddy no body here is spreading piracy stuff here…just a stupid sentence here and there…:wink:

anyway thanks for the warning “Grand Pa” or “Grand Ma” whatever u r…not interested in checking ur profile to comfirm ur gender…:stuck_out_tongue:

ur an idiot

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ur an idiot

I second that! :bigsmile:

well i was going to take that away but since im not the only one that thinks that it is going to stay…
i do not have the time now but u think ur safe takling about that when ur really not… why do u think everyone refers to stuff as backups… even if we do not know if they are or not… we like haveing this forum and do not want it removed because of the few, the proud, the idiots.

Originally posted by siliconsoul
we like haveing this forum and do not want it removed because of the few, the proud, the idiots.


This thread has become useless, so before further bickering ensues, I will close it.