LiteOn and 99 min



Since my plextor doesn't support 99 minutes and doesn't copy new safe disk2 I decide to change CDwriter. I know that LiteOn (I dunno the models) support the copy of new sd2 but I don't know if it support 99min cdr qny1 of u know it?
thank you


i know the 24 speed does support 99min and safedisk


olso liteon 32x support new sd2 and 99 min ?
'couse it’s the only liteon that I’d find near me
thank u


the following support it

[li]LTR 24102B [24x]
[/li][li]LTR 24103S [24x]
[/li][li]LTR 32123S [32x]
[/li][li]LTR 40125S [40x]
[/li][/ul] [/b]

the lite - on writers have pretty similar features from the 24102B onwards [except , of course, the speed]