LiteOn Advanced Settings

I usually only have SmartBurn enabled, but I tried enabling Force HT and Online HT with ATAPI iHAS122 ZL0F to see if burning quality is improved with known media (MCC 03RG20) and results are much worse. Am I doing something wrong?

HyperTuning is recommended only for unknown media whose ID is not present in current firmware. If you choose Force HT the drive will always use HyperTuning even the media is supported in the firmware.

[B]Force[/B] [B]Hyper Tuning
[/B]This option does not use the default write strategy contained in the firmware of the recorder. The drive itself is trying to create its own strategy … as you can see this is not always the best solution.

If you want to use HT you must disable Smart Burn and Online HT. Only enable each one of them.

I also curios does it could improve burning quality.

Could you post the scan disc result in here ?

Also, what kind of scans were you already getting when you burned with this drive? And what kind of write speed did you try?