Liteon a740gx won't finalize or copy from hdd to dvd

Liteon HD A740GX not recognising blank discs

I have a liteon hdd/dvd recorder which has stopped recognising blank discs. Just gives me a question mark on screen and spits them out:a.

I can record fine to the hdd but cannot copy to dvd.

Has anyone had this problem and managed to get it recognising discs again??

Is there any way of retrieving files from the hard disc onto the pc??

Welcome to the Forum, lets start with more detail like… What software are you using, media your burning with and etc. Please post more so one of us can try and help you.

This is a standalone DVD Recorder, so I’ll transfer this thread to the LiteOn section of the DVD & Home Entertainment forum here.

Edit: Done! :slight_smile:

fubuhawk. I had the same problem with mine. I took the dvd writer out, took the top off and with a qtip and alchol rubbed it over the sensor or what ever you call it. Dried it off with the other end put it back together and it worked great. Good luck I hope thiss helps. Oh don’t forget to take the front off the dvd writer first