Liteon A740GX widescreen problem

I have recently bought a Liteon A740GX HDD/DVD recorder. I wish to connect it to my Pace Sky+ satellite box (as the Liteon SCART IN) and my Hitachi C28WD2TN television. The problem is, that however I connect it, I cannot get a wide screen output from the Liteon device when I supply a widescreen signal into its SCART IN from the Sky+ box. What I get is a 4:3 picture from the Liteon SCART OUT which displays tall thin people on the TV. I have selected the 16:9 option from the Liteon’s setup menus. When I play a movie DVD on the Liteon I DO get the correct widescreen picture.

The connections I have tried are
Sky+ TV SCART to Liteon SCART IN. Liteon SCART OUT to TV AV1.
Sky+ TV SCART to TV AV1.
Sky+ VCR SCART to Liteon SCART IN. Liteon SCART OUT to TV AV1.

I have noticed, by connecting the Sky+ TV SCART and VCR SCARTs directly to the TV’s AV1 and AV3, (no A740GX in circuit) that the Sky+ TV SCART output will display widescreen, Sky+ VCR SCART only displays 4:3.

I would obviously like the Liteon SCART OUT to display a widescreen image when it has a widescreen signal on its SCART IN.

I have updated the devices firmware to the latest available on Liteon’s web site.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you made sure your sky box is setup to display in 16:9 their is an option in their menu to do this.

I have the same problem with my A760GX.
The signal from my satelite box is displayed in 4:3 yet if I turn the DVD recorder off and use the RGB loop through the signal returns to 16:9.
My satelite box is setup for 16:9 output.
Very strange.
Any help

Is your TV a Sony?
I have just spoken to Liteon customer services and he said that there may be some compatability issues with scart outputs and liteon DVD recorders.
Im not sure if this is bull sh!t because he did not know what else to say!
Any help or comments would be appreciated.

My A760GX is the same.
The recorded files are all marked as 4:3 but they are the correct resolution so need stretching back to 16:9 for viewing.

After reading many threads (here and elsewhere) I get the impression that this is a common fault - not just with LiteOn. There appear to be only a handful of machines that support this fully.

The widescreen flag (signal) is not detected via the SCART input. Other threads suggest that the S-Video and DV inputs do support it but I have no way of testing this.