Liteon 9016G (Lite-On LVC-9016G - DVD recorder/ VCR combo)

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LVC-9016G - DVD recorder/ VCR combo. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recently set up this unit with a comcast motorola cable box. (previously used dirctv) Problem is, that the universal remote with this box, will activate various functions on the lite-on recorder even though the "cable"button is activated on the remote. Have tried changing the send code on the remote “aux” button, locking out the "aux button, just using the “cable” button. This all works for about two or three cycles (turn on/off). Then it starts acitvating functions of the lite-on unit again. Any suggestions? This seems a little strange, and is only a problem with the Lite-On 9016G that I have. The separate amp/tuner or the tv do not activate unless the appropriate button is pushed on the remote. Any suggesstions? Thank You!!!