Liteon 9006 hookup

please show me the best way to hook up the liteon 9006 combination dvd recorder with vcr.
i have the following equippment:
liteon 9006
scientific atlanta cable box
tv with a/v jacks


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Assuming your cable box has a standard video composite out jack along with audio left & right jacks, you should be able to connect these up to the AV2 Rear jacks on the back of your DVD recorder. See page 11 of your user manual for a wiring diagram. If you don’t have the manual handy, you can download a PDF version of your manual from Lite-On’s website.

If your cable box has S-Video out, use this instead as this will give a significant improvement in picture quality over the composite video connection. To connect up the S-Video, connect the S-Video from your cable decoder to the S-Video Line-In on the back of your recorder and then use the left & right AV2 audio inputs on your DVD recorder to connect up the left & right audio output jacks from your cable box.

To record from your cable box or view cable on your TV, set your DVD recorder source to AV2 Rear. The DVD recorder should also automatically show your cable picture when it is set to standby. At least this is the case with the European SCART model. :wink:

thanks sean,
this is what i saw in the manual,by the way i did not receive the lite on recorder yet. i just want to know what to do when i get it.
1- cable from wall to cable box
2-cable box to liteon in-reg. cable
3-cable box a/v out to liteon in a/v
4-liteon a/v out to television in
5-liteon reg.cable out to television in.

would you know if if this is the best way to set up the recorder?

Have beenusing my 9006 for over a year and today when I inserted a VHS tape all I got was loud noise and a distorted picture. I attempted to copy the vhs tape onto a dvd and the dvd after finalizing was 100 % distortion and kloud noise. We cleaned the tape deck twice to no avail.