LiteOn 8801 crossflashing to DW1650 problems




I tried to crossflash my new OEM LiteOn 8801 to DW1650 using BQFlasher with the help of zebadee’s “BenQ & How to be a FLASHER!” thread.

My first problem was that when I used the Nero wnaspi32.dll, BQFlasher did not recognize my drive.

But then I searched the forums here and found somebody recomended to try downloading it from

That worked and I could choose my drive.
I then tried to flash to the official Benq firmware: BCIC.

It completed, but then I got the error message saying: “Flash command failed”

I restarted and checked the drive and it is now recognized as BenQ 1650 in Windows with BCIC.
And it seems to work just fine…

Tried to flash it again with BQFlasher, but the same happens.

So anybody have a clue about why I get this error message?
Or has anyone else experienced this?

Everything looks fine, but I am a little worried :slight_smile:


I might be wrong about this but who told you the lite-on was crossflashable to the benq1650 ??. The benq165* series used the philips chipset and were a very good drive. Lite-on famously use MEDIATEK chipsets for their drives.

I know that philips can be crossflashed onto Benq but im not sure on lite-on. I would do a little more searching before attempting any more flashes. :slight_smile:

Any other members that could shed some more info to this. ?? :bigsmile:


pinto2 says so here
pinto2 is the mad flasher :bigsmile: I’m sure he will stop by this thread later on. I believe he has this same drive.


Thanks for the info rolling56. :doh:

Thats amazed me quite a bit you know. Lite-on makeing philips based chipset drives ??? whats going on. :confused: Its a good thing , just wished they would implement it into their 18x and 20x drives rather than the mediatek junk.

Well, i have learned something here today. Thanks. :clap:

@Typho - Sorry mate false alarm. You are correct it is a 1650 after all. :doh:Just diss-regard my last post please.
You should be ok to go then , if its the same as crossing a philips to a benq you sound as if you’ve done everthing right mate. Hope it works fine for you. :iagree:


I think it surprised a lot of us.


Using WinDWFlash is the safest way to flash BenQ/Philips Nexperia drives.
BQFlash will report this error caused by a bug, that’s what [I]Typho[/I] got when crossflashing “Lite-On” DW1650 aka (Philips DVD8801). :wink:

[B]Note[/B], you’ll find a link to WinDWFlash in my sinature, now that BenQ links are down (and so also in zebasee’s signature).

[B]@McstylisT[/B], I posted detailed information about Lite-On marketed DW1650 aka DVD8801 in this thread. :smiley:


Thanks for all your response! :slight_smile:

I bought this drive because I read here on the forums that it actualy was a Benq DW1650 :wink:

So its just a bug in BQFlash?
Have my drive been flashed properly or should I re-flash it with WinDWFlash?


Reflash with BenQ stock (.exe) firmware. :wink:


So is there any manual or “how-to” for safe crossflashing LiteOn DVD8801 to Benq 1650?