Liteon 851s problem



hi, my liteon 851s worked fine like a few weeks back, then this morning i burned 2 CDs fine, but when it came to burning a dvd, i inserted a blank dvd-r media, and it wont read it… tried 3 different kinds of dvd-r and it stil won’t read it. then i tried an ordinary dvd, and still,wont read! it reads cds fine though! i havent changed anything from the driver to the firmware…

someone please help me


It could be that the lens in the burner is getting a bit dirty.
The tracks are more packed on a DVD, so that’s why it can read CD’s

A good lens cleaner should not set you back that much.


If it’s within the warranty period… it’s off to the retailer!

A lens cleaner is probably the easiest and cheapest thing to try first though. If it really has died, you can get good quality replacement drives pretty cheap now from online retailers.