LiteOn 851S Help, Please?



I have tried several programs using DVD-R in all of them. DVD Cloner, InterVideo DVD Copy 2, and DVD Shrink are the main ones. With DVD Shrink(burning with CopyToDVD) some of the DVDs play. DVD Cloner locks up during the burn process. DVD Copy 2 some of the DVDs will play in the computer but none will play in the stand alone player. All of the programs files will play fine on the hard drive, so it seems like it has to be an issue with the burn process? I did try to look through the forum for another problem like this one, so I apologize if I missed it. Thanks.


No apologize needed. It´s a big forum, I know…:wink:

First, what media are you using. Use DVDIdentifier to get this answer. [Search button at top fo page.] Post the result.
Second, try the bundled RecordNow DX. See my sinature how to find/install it.

Pleasent stay. :smiley:


OK DVDIdentifier comes back with VDSPMSAB 01. Is CopyTODVD not a very good burn engine? Is RecordNow better?


In my experience, CopyToDVD has a quite good engine.
I only use DVDDecrypter 'cause teamed with DVDShrink it just rocks but I’d use CopyToDVD otherwise and for sure I’d use it instead of mighty Nero …


In your case it´s not about ‘burning engine’. It´s about MEDIA.
Go and buy some better blank DVD´s and report back. :slight_smile:



I have gotten a couple good burns today using CopyToDVD, but I am still going to get some better media tomorrow and try again. Can someone point me to a link that gives media info/suggestions and explains the reports to me?
I am unclear as to why you would use DVDDecrypter. I have only been using DVDShrink. Doesn’t it do everything at once? Am I missing something? And a big thanks to everyones responses.