Liteon 851s GSC2 to CG3B Help?

It’s been awhile since I have done this stuff, so I kind of stuck how to change my firmware to GSC2 to CG3B without trouble free :slight_smile:

can anyone help me out?

also I just got RICHJPNR01, is CG3B BEST for that media burning @8x?

Thank You.

DL from
Extract and run the version for your 851

CG3B looks to be superior to stock Lite-On firmware for 4x and up, but YMMV.

Thanks for the reply,

do I have to follow this instruction?

or do I just dw the CG3B and run it with omnipatcher?

Their CGxB firmwares are designed to be crossflashed. The option will appear grayed out in omnipatcher. Just use the one for your 851, there is a second exe file within the rar archive designed for 8x2S burners.