LiteOn 851S and Ritek G04 - good burns?

Just wondering if there is anyone with LiteOn 851S burners who have used Ritek G04’s and have success with them - after reading the forum it seems that this burner doesn’t like Ritek -R media.

Anyone had success with these and if so what firmware are you running?


I bought an 815s a few weeks back with 50 Ridisc 4x DVD-r (ritek G04 Dye). I have burned half a dozen disks so far and all disks read fine through the 815s and my Yamada DVD player.

The only problem I have experienced is with Nero 6 finalising multisession burns I didn’t want closed and appearing on screen to complete a 13 minute burn whilst the DVD-r remained untouched. I succeeded in burning the same disk on the second attempt. I have put these errors down to Nero or my inexperience (or both).

The firmware is still as supplied as I have had no problems burning at 4x with DVD-r and 4x with DVD+rw as spec. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I confess I don’t even know how to check which firmware version is running.


My very first batch of discs were RiData 4x -R G04 discs. In the entire 50-pack, I had only a total of only 2 coasters. I’ve used the GSB6 (drive started out as a 451S), GSB7, GS0C, GS0F, GS0H, GSU1, and GSC2 firmwares for burning, and the only two coasters that I had got were with GS0F (not sure if it was firmware-related or if there was something else wrong, possibly with my software setup). The other burns were good… PI averages around 10-20 with no high-error regions.

So it is definitely possible. If it’s not working, then it’s either because of a defective unit or because of a defective media batch. In the end, you might also consider trying the MXL RG02 strategy, as people seem to be getting good results with that. However, as I don’t have any G04 media any more, I can’t try/verify that myself…