Liteon 851S and Alcohol....Wierd problems

This is really wierd…

I just bought a new Liteon 851S DVD Burner and installed it.
When I start Alcohol, it finds the Burner without a problem, but it wont accept that it supports Smartburn (Burnproof).

Secondly, it wont recognize when I have a Sony CDR-80 Blank in the 851S. It just says no media inserted. When I try a DVD-R or DVD+R, it recognizes it no problem. Even when I tried a different type CDR-80 (Tevion) it recognizes the Blank without a problem. My Liteon 48125W recognizes the Sony Blanks in Alcohol without a problem.

Using CloneCD, or BlindWrite, Burnproof is enabled automatically without a problem. And I can use my Sony CDR-80s in the 851S also. Just Alcohol seems to have a problem with the 851S.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Or does anyone know how to force Burnproof in Alcohol? How can it be that I can use certain CDR-80s in some programs, and not in another with the same drive?

The problem you described looks like you have not the latest Alcohol version installed wih the latest device support patch. Please make sure you have the latest Alcohol version and install the latest device support patch.

thanks, you were right. After un update of the devsupp, Burnproof works. As for the other problem, with the cd not being recognized, it seems to have been the disk itself. I was able to burn to it with my liteon48125W though. Other disks from the same spindle are read fine with the 851. Dont know what it was with that one disk though. Strange.

Just wanted to follow up. Some people forget to, and you dont know they were helped or not.