LiteOn 851s@832S 8x -R recognized as 4x

Recently I’ve flashed my 851s to 832s firmware version VSOE. Today I found out that I can burn a 8x DVD-R at only 4x. Nero CD/DVD Speed identifies my disc as RITEKG05. To overcome the problem I downlaoded a different firmware (CY58 for Sony DRU-700 liteonid). I patched it with Omnipatcher, checked speed settings for RITEKG05 and flashed my drive. After reboot nothing changed. Still that DVD is recognized as 4x only. Both firmwares were from

There seems to be no problem with DVD+R DL. This is recognized properly (well I never had a disc but Nero InfoTool says it is supproted)

I use Nero Reloaded 6.6

Any ideas. Different disc? Other firmware? Change of software?

The 51S@832S upgrade is only to let you use the latest 832S firmware (which tends to be newer and have better media support than the latest 51S firmwares) and give you +R DL support. 8x -R is not and has never been possible for a 51S drive.

Too bad. Does it mean ther’s no way for LDW-851S to burn 8x -R discs? It says something different in two mags I have :wink:

Well then at least I have that DL support (if only the discs were cheaper)