Liteon 851S@832S @ 1X CD?

Is it possible to burn with this device CD’s @ 1X (Mostly with CloneCD).
When I select 1X it burns @ 8X :frowning:
Should I change anything on the firmware or something? Because no programs can burn here really @ 8X CD’s.


8x is the slowest speed a LiteOn DVD writer will write a CD and no this cannot be change. But why would you want to do that. You would be hard pressed to find a CD that was rated less than 32x, these days, and the drive is capable of burning up to 40x.

Because no programs can burn here really @ 8X CD’s.

:confused: I don’t really understand what you mean by this.

I know, but I have an enormous package of 1X speed CDs overhere. I tested it to burn @8X but it completely goes wrong.
Is it possible 4 me when I burn it on a Liteon 2410B?
Can that drive burn @ 1X?
I have those drive too, it’s the drive before my DVD Burner:D

I THINK that my 2410B used to burn at any speed, including 1x. But don’t quote me on that, I haven’t had that drive in… a year anyway.

  • Gurm

No, the 24102B could not burn at 1x, I think that this was the first model from Liteon that did not bother supporting 1x.

My extremely old 0841 don’t alllow me to select 1x. It supports 2x at the slowest speed with nero6303. Maybe a burning software issue? I am not sure.

I hate it, I have about a=200 pieces 1X CD’s:(
I have a 1210(1 or 2)B too. But I don’t know if that drive is supporting 1X:s

Maybe if you tell us which media (brand and id media) you are using, someone could suggest you the right strategy to use and to be applied with omnipatcher…

Omnipatcher has nothing to do with CD-R/RW…

I cannot find anywhere, whether the 12101B supports 1x write. You’ll just have to try it and see…