Liteon 832s

Hi all, just got the above drive and am not impressed with the kprobe scans i get, using Tayo yunden dvd -rs firmware vs04 and i dont get very good scans, the scans i get are below the max PI/PO sugested and the dvds do work ok, i have burned about 60 dvd`s on very cheap media that also work ok but it is the scans, looking at other peoples scans i think mine suck, just wondered if maybe it will get better when newer firmware is available.



If the DVD’s work, then why does it matter?

post up some scans then…

i have found my 832s write quality to be far inferiorto that of my nec 2500.

I only use it to test scans and such. my nec is my default burner. I don’t wanna start a which drive is better war, so the best thing i can suggest is: try another firmware or change media.

I use yuden +r and they work fine in both drives, but still better on nec :stuck_out_tongue:

However liteon has much better tools and support. grrrrrrr, i suggest you get both :iagree: :bigsmile:

Have you tried using the TYG02 strategy? (I assume this is G01 you’re talking about?) :wink:

Hi all, thanks for the replys, please dont get me wrong here, this dive has writen about 85 dvds now mainly on very cheap no name or info dvd + disks with only one coaster caused by my dog grabing the mouse and then eating it, computer locked one coaster. I am very happy with the drive and maybe with a new firmware i might get better scans but if i dont i am not bothered i was just wondering if anybody noticed the same or if there was any tips to improve things. The Tayo yunden i used was Maxell 4 times write - g01 writen at 4 times and scanned at 4 speed, ecc 8 and 1. The results were:

P1 MAX=231 Average=118,90 Total=1938115
P0 Max=2 Average=0.01 Total=891

It just seamed high compared to others i have seen and not that different to the scan on the cheap media, thanks to code65536 i will try and find some tyg02 and give it a go but here in the Uk its hard to find anywere that they can tell u any info about dvd`s. Thanks to cdfreaks for a great forum.



No, I meant, writing your G01 disc using a G02 write strategy. :wink: Like this particular post (#9 in that thread…)

Hi, thanks for reply, very interesting that, i will read up a bit on omnipatcher ect and give it a go.