Liteon 832S & Sony Dw G120A Upgades please

I have the Lite-on SOHW 812S which i crossflashed some time ago to 832S (VS0M FW)
I was wondering if there is a new firmware or crossflash available for this drive

I also have the Sony DW G120A (MYS6 FW) and wondering the same question.

I dont mind crossflashing to get extra features / improvements.

I have searched these forums , however a lot of the info i find seems to be from 2005 or late 2006. or jsut confusing me.

I thought i would create a new thread, in the hope someone can provide me exact/ specific links?

alrighty then


Sony DW-G120A is nothing else but a Liteon SHM-165P6S. There should be enough information about these drives here :slight_smile:


this is for the 812…latest one