LiteOn 832s -R media question

Okay, I’ve had my LiteOn burner for nearly a year now, I’ve gotten used to the fact that I must feed it +R discs to get the best burns, but someone I know I would like to burn some discs for, but their player only plays -R discs. Now, they are not going to need these discs forever, so I’m not paying out the price for TY’s even though I know they would burn perfectly in my burner. My question is simply this: would I be okay going with Ritek G04’s in this LiteOn model, or should I go for something like Maxmax -R’s or Databank 4x instead? I only ever burn at 4x, so I don’t care about any burning speed above that.

You could try bitsetting and see if that solves the problem. I never found any -R that my 832 liked short of TY.

Thanks for the tip, don’t really want to change any settings on the burner though. Anyone here have any scans of this model LiteOn using G04’s, Maxmax -r or Databank -r media? Or at least the burn being at 4x?

Okay, I’ve got it narrowed down to the two I want to try. It’s either Ritek G04’s or Databank dvd-r 4x. Which would be preferrable for my burner? I know people will probably say they’re both evil, but I’m choosing the lesser evil here, so out of the two?

You don’t need to change anything on the burner to change the bitsettings.

Just use liteon’s booktype utility to change the booktype of the next dvd you will burn.

I do +R to ROM all the time and they always work in dvd players that are DVD-R only !

I burn all my +r’s that way as well, yet some people say they still don’t work.

I don’t know anything about the Databank -Rs but I’d steer clear of the Ritek G04. When I first got my 832S, I used them a number of times with very mixed results. Some batches were ok, others produced 100% coasters.

[You’ll have no difficulty with either TY or Verbatim -Rs but you’ll probably need some luck to find very cheap -Rs that will perform well with your writer.]

Databank is just another brand that is really G04. I would also avoid both.

MaxMax -R 8x (GSC003 - GigaStorage tech.) inkjet printable to hub works alright for the price in my 812s@832s.

Better than FujiFilm prodisc, and not much worse than a spindle of +R 8x RicohJPNR02’s i’ve got!