LiteOn 832s burns slightly slow

When I burn at 4x the disc takes about 2 minutes longer to finish then it should.

When I burn at 8x it will still only burn at the 4x speed.

I often get buffer under run, which I’m not really even sure what that means. So, anyone have any ideas why it will not work at 8x and why even at 4x it’s slightly slower then it should be?

I see you’re a senior member but a’m gonna ask anyway.
Do you have DMA enabled?

I got my senior member status by mostly discussing different types of media, I don’t know much about the burners themselves, at least not their inner-workings. To your question though, yes I do have DMA enabled.

So, anyone else have any ideas as to why it won’t burn at 8x?

What times is it actually taking to burn a full dvd at 4x and 8x respectively?

Are you transcoding a DVD movie, burning data files or copying a disc?

1/ Burn a disc at 8x using Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disc and post the resulting burn scan.
2/ Run a Nero CD-DVD Speed burst rate test and post the result.
3/ Generate a Nero Infotool report with all options enabled and post the result.

Takes about 15-16 minutes to burn at 4x and the same amount, sometimes a minute more, to burn at 8x.

Codeking - I don’t have time to do that right now, doing 12 hour shifts, but come Friday I will do what you suggested and post up the results. Oh and I’m copying a disc. Thanks.

Are you trying to do so on the fly?

If so, and your reader isn’t able to transfer the data fast enough it would explain the buffer underruns and slow burning times. It also explains why your 8x burns are slower than the 4x (the result of the buffer constantly being emptied and then having to be re-filled before the burning re-starts).

Yes, doing so on the fly. My reader should be capable as it reads at up to 16x.

Do you have both the reader and the burner on the same IDE.

If so, that would be your problem.

If you wish to copy on the fly the reader and burner need to be on separate IDEs.

16x is a theoretical maximum only. It is rarely achievable and then only for the very outer part of a pressed dvd.

If, as I presume to be the case, you are copying burnt dvds (since it isn’t possible to copy a css encrypted dvd on-the-fly), if you check the source dvd with say dvd decrypter you’ll find that the maximum read speed for that disc will be somewhere between 7.5 and 8x. You might also check what sort of reading speeds you’re really getting by re-ripping the source disc with dvd decrypter (and I doubt that you’ll get much better than an average read speed of between 5.5 and 6x).

Are there any other programs using the hard drive while you’re burning?
Virusscanners, microsoft office fast search, etc.

Okay, over the last few days I’ve done some more burns different ways.

Firstly, not sure what you mean by IDE. If you mean are both the dvdrom and dvd burner running off the same hdd, then yes. The dvdrom is internal, the dvd burner is external.

Secondly, yes there are other programs using the computer, email is open and sometimes I am sending emails. Sometimes I’m opening word documents or excel documents.

Finally, I tried ripping a disc to the hdd first and then burning it at 8x, it then nearly burned at the 8x speed. Nearly, still took about two minutes longer then it should have, but better results then with the on the fly copy. It would still be faster for me to just copy on the fly at 4x though then to take the time to rip it to the drive and then burn it at 8x. Generally I only burn at 4x anyway to insure a good burn, but it does frustrate me that I cannot burn at 8x if I wanted to.

How long did the rip take and how long did the burn take? Also, what programs did you use?

The rip took around the same amount of time it took to burn it. A bit less I think. I’m not completely sure though as I wasn’t paying attention. Was doing other things while it was doing it. I just used the copy & paste method and when burning I always use Nero.

“Secondly, yes there are other programs using the computer, email is open and sometimes I am sending emails. Sometimes I’m opening word documents or excel documents.”

Those programs also want a piece of the hd and the cpu (prossesing Power).
Could explain why the ripping and burning is slower.

Have a good weekend.