Liteon 832s and verbatim cd-rw problem



Hello i have a problem with my liteon 832s and a verbatim advanced serl+ 32x cd-rw disk.It is been recognized as cd-rw but write speed possible is only 16x(checked with dvdinfo pro) and when i try to burn some files on it i get this message in nero “unespecified target error” then “invalid write state”.I have tested other burning software but nothing…burning process ends with similar errors.Any helps is appreciated :bow:


Try a different disc.
Maybe the disc is no good.

The 832 only burns CD-RW @ “24x ( 3600 KB/sec ) maximum by Z-CLV in UltraSpeed disc”

Can this CDRW be burnt at 24x? Most of RW media needs to be written at the specified speed. The 832 simply cannot burn at 32x & the disc maybe needs to be burnt at 32x.


With 832s you can only write 24x rated CD-RW, for 32x RW media you need a 32x RW burner like 52327s.


Yes i know but the only write speed possible is 16x and not 24x.Even if i try to burn at 16x i keep getting errors.Probably this verbatim disk is not supported in 832s f/w


Hmm, the 832S does not have a media table for CD-RW. I think the disc must be reporting to be only a 16x CD-RW. I have a Verbatim 16x-24x CD-RW. I will check it after my current burn finishes and let you know if it’s the same.


I have had a verbatim 16x-24x cd-rw and no problems with it in my 832s.With this verbatim 32x cd-rw only probs.oh and the disk itself is good because it burns fine in a lg cd-r burner and in a SOHC5232K.


I just checked my verbatim CD-RW in my 832S using Nero CD-DVD Speed and disc info reported a recording speed of 24x. It a Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x-24x and the media code is 97m34s24f.

Are you sure your DMA is enabled. Use Nero Infotool to check that it is.

I’ve attached the screen:


Here is what nero cd-dvd speed reports.DMA is enabled. :confused: why nothing? maybe it’s been damaged in some way


You can’t use 32x cd-rw in a 24x rw burner.
Look at this


Yes from the graph seems so…but it’s normal that 832 doesn’t recognize it as a 32x cd-rw disk even if can’t burn it?


Why should it? The media is unknown to the drive. And if the drive doesn’t know that 32x CD-RW do exist it cannot recognize them.
My Notebook drive only reports 2x speed for the 16x-24x Verbatim CD-RW so I cannot burn this media in my notebook. It just supports HighSpeed CD-RW, though
You have to be careful. There are some different types of CD-RW, like the usual ones which are only capable of 4x (?) writing speeds, the Highspeed ones, the ultra Speed ones (up to 24x) and the ones which yours belong to (up to 32x writing speed). The drives can write the one it is designed for, and the slower versions.