Liteon 832s and verbatim 32x cd-rw

Hello i have a problem with my liteon 832s and a verbatim advanced serl+ 32x cd-rw disk.It is been recognized as cd-rw but write speed possible is only 16x(checked with dvdinfo pro) and when i try to burn some files on it i get this message in nero “unespecified target error” then “invalid write state”.I have tested other burning software but nothing…burning process ends with similar errors.
My verbatim 24x work fine …
Any helps is appreciated :bow:

Are 2nd generation UltraSpeed (32x) discs even compatible with first generation UltraSpeed (24x) drives?

Have you tried updating to a newer firmware?

SOHW-832S is only 24X max on CD-RW.
See link below.

I’ve the last firmware …
I’m ok to burn this 32x with 24x or whatever … but now i can’t burn them

You will need an ultra-speed+ (32x) capable drive as this media is “for ultra-speed+ cd-rw drives only” (that’s what is printed on the frontcover - at least on mine).
It is not possible to write this media on a Lite-ON 832s.

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can the firmware be hacked perhaps? i wouldnt think hardware needs to be changed to support 32x, does it?

I am afraid you have to upgrade your hardware.

I can’t say if that compatibility issue can be solved by a firmware upgrade/patch/hack, but I highly doubt that. Maybe the codeguys can give some input on this one!?

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and you’re afraid based on what? if it’s on specs, then 401 users would still be burning + at 4x only

It is based upon what the cover says.

It doesn’t say “On speed limited hardware it can be used with limited speed”, but it says, that this media is only compatible with the proper hardware.

Again, as I said, I don’t know what the codeguys can do about it (and it would be great if they would find a way), but atm it is just not possible to write these discs with the 832s as is. I have one and I know that it won’t work.

But hey, maybe you will trust the compatibility guide from Verbatim?

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