Liteon 812s

Hi Guys,

I Have Litenon 812s And I Want To Know How Change It In Liteon 832. I’m Sorry But My English Is Not Very Good. I Have Already Saved All Files From Codeguys. You Know The Rights Procedure To Do Read My Burns In Dl?



@ paolone

welcome :slight_smile: Get OmniPatcher . Get CG3E from under the LiteOn SOHW-832S section on this page. Read this . Read all the README’s included with OmniPatcher. Open OP, load CG3E, select ‘recommended tweaks’, ‘Increase read speed to 12x’, ‘enable auto bitsetting’, ‘fix the ‘dead drive blink’/enable cross-flashing’. save as .exe file. Find and run the .exe that you just saved and follow instructions. Be sure to choose the correct drive. Restart and rejoice…you have an 832! :bigsmile: Don’t forget to thank the C0deguys :iagree:

Thks so much.