LiteOn 812S which best dvd for this burner?

I bought those medias:
25 HP DVD+R 4x (Mediacode: CMC) (20$ CAD) and
50 Prodisc DVD-R 4x (Mediacode: MCC) (32$ CAD)

I thought that MCC were better than CMC but the results of kprobe for MCC are worse than CMC.
I got verry bad scans with MCC average PI max: 200-800, average PI AVG: 50-200. :frowning:
With CMC, I got average PI max: 20-100, average PI AVG: 5-20.

So my question is, what is the best dvd mediacode for the LiteOn 812S?


Well, Lite-On drives aren’t know for super DVD-R performance, but MCC 01RG20 shouldn’t be burning that badly. What firmware are you running?

My firmware: US05

Should I try these dvds for my LiteOn SOHW-812S US05:
50 for 32$CAD at

My MCC 01RG20 (Prodisc White Printable-SupermediaStore) burned so badly on my 851@832 with the only two firmwares I tried-VS0B & CG3B and burned at rated speed, that I put them aside hoping someone here would work a mircle :slight_smile:

CG3B 1st scan then VS0B

Here is what I got with Prodisc DVD-R 4x (MCC)

I have seen a lot of great scans of Ricohjpn R01, R00 and R02 beautifully burnt by the 812/832S.

Also, the Codeguys did a lot to improve burning strategies on these media.

Have a look at the Liteon forum.