Liteon 812s Retail, what's in the european box?

i found Liteon 812 retail and OEM, price difference is about 10 euro.

but what is there in the retail box? if anybody in europe (germany/italy area) got one, what is there?

i see posts about empty media, what else?


well if its eh same in europe as it is in australia you get 2 bank DVD’s a +r and a -r, you get a manual with some screws and an audio cable and a cd burning probram, not nero but somehitng else, forgotten its name.

Same in USA.

i forgot about the review, which says:
· The drive itself
· Audio cable
· 4 Screws
· Sonic software installation CD
· PowerDVD installation CD
· Empty 4x DVD-R disc made by Ritek (Code: RITEKG04)
· Empty 8x DVD+R made by Ricoh/ritek (Code: RICOHJPNR02).
· Quick installation/configuration paper
· Safety notice papaer.

but you say
what brand are they? does they cost 10 euro?

I believe you have misinterpreted kmartin1982’s comment. I read his post to mean 1 dvd-r and 1 dvd+r, for a total of 2 discs.

I purchased a 812S last week in the UK and got two blank discs.

Liteon DVD-R x4 (RITEKG04)
That’s DVD+R x8 (YUDEN000T02)


ah, thanks.
then bulk version is better, (i have bunch of screws, i don’t use audio cables (and i have already 2-3), manual can be downloaded pdf, and i don’t want the box, and BTW software are included in this bulk).