Liteon 812S Retail sticker?

I bought a liteon sohw-812S retail box a few days ago.
But my liteon drive doesn’t have the “” sticker on front.
I read somewhere that retail versions of liteons come with these stickers.
Mine came in a box with everything inside, althought it had PowerDVD 5 instead of what written on the box (PowerDVD XP 4.0).:confused:
So, I got a bit worried because I saw this pic from 832S review:

So, is it OK to have a retail drive w/o the sticker?

TIA. :slight_smile:

None of my LiteOn drives, retail or not retail, had such a sticker. And thank goodness, as I think that sticker looks ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s normal, I believe.

i dont have it either…mine was oem…i think i woulda taken it off anyways lol

my retail 812s have this sticker, and i HATE but don’t want to remove it.

Mine has it and I love it :slight_smile:
Perhaps a “Powered by Codeguys” sticker would be more appropriated :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow!!! Good idea! I am starting Corel Draw!

I dont have it either. But, my drive is black…, and the text on sticker is also black…
Maybe I need new googles. :bigsmile:

My LiteOn 52327S has such a sticker on it. I would be happier w/o it on the front; maybe they should put it on the back.

Its only a sticker and mine has it too. They should have put the bios programmers phone number there instead and it would have been useful. Put his picture up for target practice. Because he was practicing coding on these DVD burners.

Thanks for the replies!:slight_smile:
A friend of mine bought the same burner and it also was w/o the sticker.
So I guess I was worrying for nothing. :stuck_out_tongue: