LiteON - 812S Question

I know from reading that the 812S can be changed to act like its counter-part to read duel-layer dvd disks.

However, as I have never changed the firmware on hardware, I am wondering what do I need to know before doing it?

I know from experience that questions like this get old, however, many of the posts about this topic are not answering my questions. If a kind soul could help me, I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

The two questions I would like to know

  1. What do I have to do to make it write/read duel-layer disk
  2. What firmware should I use

If you have any other “tips” I would appreciate it.

I have just noticed something. I was looking at the:

Support DVD+R Double Layer Burning: LITE-ON IT New 8x External DVD Dual Drive SOHW-832SX


LITE-ON IT Releases 12x DVD Dual Drive: SOHW-1213S (Support All of The Fastest DVD Recordable Media: 12x DVD+R & 8x DVD-R)

My question still stands semi-valid incase I cannot get a 1213, would I be able to make that a dual-layer?

I made a mistake in my post :blush:

Basicly I was asking, are we postive 1213 can/cannot support DL writting? If we think its possible I will get that so I can get the possible 16x increase however, as I have watched for Dl disk it really is not important.

I just don’t want to buy a drive, spent the $99-$105 ( 1213s ) and lose out on DL support.

Basicly what should I buy to get the most out of it, considering the fact the drives with blue-ray and hddvd are comming within a year? ( 2005 I believe )


Well for the 1213 it isnt confirmed yet that it will support dual layer, but the 812s@832s does burn dual layer (firmware can be downloaded from codeguys). Anyway, burning @ 12x is only a minute or maybe 2 mins faster than burning @ 8x and having dual layer support is much better for the future (i think)


does anyone know where to get either product, I am in Florida near Tampa?

I agree but I can’t seem to find the SOHW-832SX I know its out…

well im from germany but i think or bestbuy has 812s/832s and btw 832sx is just 832s with an external enclosure, so all you need is to buy an external enclosure (usb 2.0!) and build the 832s in it. i think you can save money if you do that


Right, and depending on your hardware, a combined solution (enclosure) with USB2 and FIREWIRE is even better… :cool:

Its strange that bestbuy doesn’t have the internal drive, for some reason.

The only drive I can find is the following:

Lite On 8x External USB 2.0 DVD±R/±RW/CD-RW Drive
Model: LDW-811SX


I really want the dual layer support by default, many reasons for that, but if I have to I will get the 812S.

I would guess that I could change the 811S to become faster just like its counter part, but I am not sure.

Plus for some reason its more expensive then both the 811 and the 832

811s isnt upgradable!!!

Allright well that answers that question :slight_smile: