Liteon 812s Problem - with duplicator

Hi i’ve got a Acard dupllicator and 2x 812s dvd drives and liteon 16x DVD-ROM. I’ve been burning discs fine with the original firmware that came with the drives (First one DR8US01 i think)) then i decided to update the firmware with the latest one (DR8US0N) now when i burn discs they fail all the time - but right at the end of the disc - any one know what causes this?

Well if the only thing you changed was firmware then I would recommend going back to what worked for you before. I suspect sub-par media may be an issue as well. This will let you know if it is indeed the firmware change that is causing the problem. To go back use the Firmware Flashing Tool or FlashFix found in the tools guide in my sig. There are firmware links at the bottom of the page.

thanx m8 will do that.,