Liteon 812s or Sony DWU18A?

greetings all

i’ve come to that point in one’s life where they realise they need a dvd burner…

what’s the difference between the above dvd burners? any comments on which one to go with? cost is about the same

just reading a few of the threads implies the 812s can be upgraded to the 832s and i guess that’s the way i’m leaning. altho can the sony be upgraded to include DL burning?

any info would be helpful



i think that the sony is just a rebadged 812S

i heard that some sony u18 are not a rebadge of 812s, i don’t know for sure.

and yes, a 812s can be made 832s, and my made mine like this, using an omnipatched firmware of latest 832s (VS0A), i didn’t burn DL media yet (because of price :))

All U18As are rebadged Liteys.

thanks guys

does that mean one can also upgrade the sony to burn DL also (just like the Liteons)?

very interesting

i might stick with the liteon (very happy with their cdrw) and then figure out how to upgrade it to the 832s

been helpful


That’s the way. Liteon is equal to the Sony, it is cheaper and Liteon’s firmwares are better than Sony’s ones.

… unless he gets a 2nd revision U18A. Those have a different tray mechanism and can’t be flashed.

Haven’t heard of many people getting these, though.

i was just about to ask aboput the firmware. I just got a 812s and I did read that it can be flashed to be DL but I haven’t been able to find that firmware anywhere. Can you tell me where I can get it? Also, how “safe” is it to do so. Are the electronics of the 832s and the 812s the same?

Hi, I own a Sony DW U18a and I have had no problems with it so far, 0 coasters out of 25 Datasafe +R’s. Anyway I was wondering, apart from the ability to burn dual layer disks (with another bios update) what would the benifits of flashing my drive to the Liteon 812s be?

The firmware change is the one and only reason: “Match more media,” did I really say that? See the OnmiPatcher thread.

noob here so please excuse me…i’m also out looking for a dvd writer and seriously considering the liteOn because of the info i found in this forum. advanced thanks to all of you guys!

so thats it? just apply the VS0A f/w and the drive will be a 832s?! no other thing to do? won’t this “overwork” the lens when it burns dl?

exactly! why pay a higher $$ for a sony when you’re basically paying for the name only…under the casing is still a liteOn.

Hey guys noob here…lol
I just bougt a Sony DW-U18A dvd burner, I have ben looking for firmware updates for it…
I found this thread, are you guys saying that the Sony is just a Liteon under the skin??
And can I flash it to the VSOA 832.bin
here’s a screen shot of what I want to attempt.

I think I migt have got 1 of those…damn
I just tried 2 flash twice using the VSOA and VSOB with Omnipatcher tweaks, and now my drive just sits there blinking at me with it’s yellow light, it used to be green…
It does not detect any disks in it…??
Am I doing something wrong??
Using Omnipatcher 1.39 and the 832s VSOA.stock

DW-U18A drives with the UYS1 firmware can be upgraded using SOHW-832S firmwares. You need to use OmniPatcher to Enable Crossflashing though since the SOHW-832S is a step up from the DW-U18A. This will stop the LED flashing and allow your drive to recognize discs.

Thanks for replying… :slight_smile:
Would it be possible for you to send me a direct link to the SOHW-832S firmware…
I can’t figure out which 1 it is on the website in your sig.??

VS0* firmwares are SOHW-832S. B links are to raw binary firmware images which must be flashed using mtkflash in DOS or LtnFW in Windows. W links are to self-contained Windows Flashers which include the firmware inside of a flash tool so that all you need to do is double click it.

Thanks again, I have download the LtnFW flashtool…
Now the .bin file you say i need ,Is this it…
Drives with Gear driven trays:

  • VYS2 - Dated “Jun18 ,2004”

Then I loadup omnipatcher and load the .bin file and apply tweaks and cross patching, then I save the .bin file then I use LtnFW to flash it correct??

No, VYS2 is an original DW-D18A firmware, don’t you want to use a SOHW-832S firmware? You could use it (after omnipatching to enable crossflashing) if your DW-U18A has UYS1 firmware…

Yes I want to use the SOHW-832S firmware but I can’t find iton your site…lol
is this it, it’s from the Liteon section…

-SOHW-832S (2.4X(+R DL) 8X(+R) 4X(+RW) & 8X(-R)4X(-RW) & 40/24/40/12) Binary Windows DOS

  • VS01 - Dated “2004/04/16 15:01”
  • VS03 - Dated “2004/04/30 16:06”
  • VS04 - Dated “2004/05/19 17:29”
  • VS05 - Dated “2004/05/25 17:46”
  • VS08 - Dated “2004/06/03 14:47”
  • VS0A - Dated “2004/07/16 21:17”
  • VS0B - Dated “2004/08/04 19:34”