LiteOn 812S going slow? (45 mins to burn 4.2GB!)



I have just bought the LiteOn 812S 8X DVD writer from ebay.

I went to burn a 8X DVD with 4.2GB of data on and it took 45mins. :frowning:

I thought this was slow so I ran the Nero CD-DVD speed test version 2.10.2 and it reported transfer speeds of about 1.86X or less
I also tried it with a 40X CD and it was reporting 11.8X.

I have tried with different brands of DVD, a 4X TDK DVD-RW and Bulkpaq Orange DVD-R with the same results

Does anyone think it could be faulty? my system should be fast enough to cope I would have thought:

Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2083Mhz
1GB DDR PC-3200
MSI K7N2 Delta L
Radeon 9500 > 9700

I used to have a Sony CRX230E CD writer and it wrote perfectly at maximum speed all the time

Any ideas would be really appreciated,


This sounds like a DMA problem. It happens after a bad read. Go to your system, hardware, device manager, IDE controlers, primary channel, properties, advanced section and see that DMA is enabled. In pre XP versions, it is in the drive properties.


DMA info is here, an up to date nero cdspeed is here.


Thanks very much, it worked
Appreciate your help a lot :slight_smile: