LiteOn 812s and Princo 4x DVD-R Media Problems

I have recently bought a LiteOn 812S DVD writer and also bought 100 x Princo 4x DVD-R media (A Grade). Since having this, I have burnt 10 DVDs with about 4.3GB of data. Although both Nero 6.3 and Adaptec Easy CD/DVD 6 (with the latest updates) has reported that the burn was successful, when I try to copy the data back to hard drive, it bombs out for any data stored towards the end of the media (approx. last 500MB). I am running the LiteOn writer as a slave drive on a Promise ATA 133 controller (with the latest firmware) and have also updated the firmware on the LiteOn to the latest firmware released on 1st June and am still having this problem. My mates have been using the Princo 4x DVD-R media on Pioneer and Sony DVD writers and they have had no coasters. I have burnt at 4x, 2x and using SmartBurn. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciate.

Don’t pay attention to this “grading” system. Manufacturers will call their discs whatever the heck they want in order to get it to sell. Especially a shady company like Princo, who have been known in the past to use fraudulent media codes, and whose discs are illegal in Europe because they did not even pay DVD licensing fees.

Don’t blame the burner for bad media!

Read this:

Within, you’ll hear horror stories of people who burned a Princo, and the burn went just fine. The discs were perfectly readable. And within just a few months, they’ve degraded to the point of not being readable. There are more stories like this. And many times, Princos won’t even burn right to begin with, so you don’t even have to wait a few months for the coaster…

Hi Goulid.
Given what Code just said, stay away from Princo.
Having said that, you, like me, are stuck with a bunch of princos!
Dump 'em or use them. I had trouble with my 812 on the US0F firmware, then updated to US0J and had better burns.
But using Code’s 812@832 burn_adjusted firmware, these princos are coming up great, with vey few errors.
I only have 20 left. Then I’ll look for some MCC or TY or Ricoh’s or whatever else, only by what I hear from others.

hope this helps

Thanks Code. Unfortunately, I bought another brand of media Ultran and it looks like the bastards are re-badged Princo 4x DVD-R (doh). Have you heard of these ones and has the feedback been good?

Thanks Arthurking. It looks like the cheap Princo media has made it’s way from Sydney to Melbourne. AU$0.59 is what I paid for mine. I expected some coasters but not 100% to date.

I am new to this site and forum. Where can I get this firmware upgrade you refer to (812@832)? Is this the one that upgrades the LiteOn 812S to the dual layer burner?

Thank you.

Well what do you know? I managed to burn a DVD this evening and verify the entire data by copying it back to my HDD. I used Nero at 2x to burn it after applying the latest Nero update - and I also used the cheap Princo DVD-R.

OK, only 89 left to go before I get rid of the buggers. I am burning my second one now. Here’s hoping….

Thanks to all for their help and suggestions. I am still keen on the 812@832 firmware.

Hi goulid.
It’ll be great having ‘dual layer’ capability…
If we get dual layer discs some time soon!
Code65536 has a link at the bottom of his posts…codeguys@rpc ,something or other.
He’s ‘The Man’ (or ‘one of…’) :bow:
This flash is very easy (even for noobs like me), but not to be lightly undertaken.
The 3 things I recommend you to get are.
firmware flash tool, Look Here
spdhack and 812@832 (on Code’s webpage)

Did you miss this ?


update nero end firmware and all ok

Thank you to all for your help. I think my problem is now resolved. Last night, I burnt 2 using Nero and 1 using Easy CD/DVD 6. With all 3 of these DVDs, I was able to copy the data back onto my hard drive so it looks like it’s all fixed… for now anyway.

I have bought a spindle of Princo GradeA few months ago… burning that medias with 811s they were OK, burning them with 812s (US0A) realy good result… but burning them with US0J\US0N\812@832 graphs are orrible expecially in the first 400mb (PI=400 PO=40) then the graph is quite good (PI=20 PO=1) anyone can help me?

princos are junk, always have been

also as far as burning dvd-r disks on any liteon drive seems to be just like banging your head against the wall. get some +r disks and you will probably be ok. as far as burning -r disks go , get a NEC or Pioneer drive.

Well, after my last post I was still getting coasters with my LiteOn 812S (even after upgrading to the 812S@832S firmware). I tried backing up my first DVD last night and again, it failed. Finally, I had had enough so I took it back to where I bought it from and got a replacement Pioneer. So far, so good. 2 DVDs burnt (on Princo 4x DVD-R media) and 2 perfect DVDs. Also, one of the computer shops I went to where I bought my original Princo media told me that there has been a recall on the LiteOn 812S drives (but LiteOn is keeping it quiet). Don’t know how true this is but people may want to keep this in mind.

Thanks to all for their help and suggestions. I found this forum to be of great help.

That’s interesting, the recall. :sad:

Though why there isn’t a recall on Princo media is beyond me. Probably because Princo doesn’t give a hoot about its customers, since they are so used to screwing them over. Well, glad to see that you are burning well–the Pio is a nice drive, but be warned that people who have burned Princos well (even using NEC or Pioneer) have been known to report that the media will degrade in just a few months because Princo really is just that bad.

Code65536 said:

Though why there isn’t a recall on Princo media is beyond me. Probably because Princo doesn’t give a hoot about its customers, since they are so used to screwing them over.

eveyone except Me!

goulid said:

I went to where I bought my original Princo media told me that there has been a recall on the LiteOn 812S drives (but LiteOn is keeping it quiet). Don’t know how true this is but people may want to keep this in mind.

everyone except Me :bigsmile:

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t seem to get it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
My Princo’s are coming up a treat, even 6 months later.

Ok maybe I should go out a get me a lottery ticket :bigsmile:


could this recall be due to the 832s firmware working on the 812s?

And wouldnt they recall the 832s if the 812s was recalled?

more likely they told u that cause of the princos u brought, they might not have wantted you to refund them?

An update. I have now burnt over 30 DVDs and have not had a single failure and all of them read perfectly. I am still using the Princo media. The Pioneer drive is great!

No failure with princo also for me (812s)… but graphs are not very beatiful :slight_smile:

i have burnt over 75 princos ‘a grade’, and i stress i have never had a problem!! i own a 451s@851s and as you know it handles +R so much better!! but it took me a while b4 i figured my drive out! DVD Burner drives are like pets, you gotta be careful what you feed em or else they sh!t everywhere and are a pain in the ass; :bigsmile: My point is A poineer drive is like buying a dog from a pet shop, overpriced!!! when you can get a liteon from the pound!! coz like dogs from the pound, liteons already have personallities! :smiley:

hehehehehe me just being silly, coz liteons are heaps cheaper the pioneers


My limited knowledge is that the Promise 133 should not be used. Perhaps you would have had better results with using the secondary EDE as master.

Just my 2c worth.

DataWrite Yellow Top 4x DVD-R, Manufacturer PRINCO (According to DVD Decrypter) purchased in UK, BAD FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE!!

Just to add my tale of woe! I borrowed a friends SOHW-812s and some of these discs he bought, and out of 4 discs I burned only 1 was OK, burned all at 4x. The other 3 each had a CRC error on the disc. I file copied the contents of each DVD back to my HD and 1 file on each of the 3 discs had an error :eek: He had f/w US0F initially, and I updated to US0N but can’t remember which discs I burned under what f/w :doh:

I used Record Now Max 4.5 to burn, I think the PX Engine version was 500! The discs all burned fine, but I was surfing while burning and my hard drive was being accessed a lot while doing so. Burn Proof was enabled in Record Now but I wonder if writing -R format is not as good as +R with it’s ‘Losless Linking’ ?

Also, when I put these discs in my Plextor PX-116A DVD-ROM, the drive is clicking and whirring for a while until it finally recognises the disc!!

I also found out recently that these discs are now using RITEK G04 dye (found on UKDVDR site) and have a b[/b] stamped on them. Wonder why they manufactured a Version 2 of these discs? Maybe because PRINCO are BAAAADDD!!! :slight_smile: