Liteon 811S question

Hello everybody,
I wonder is it possible to upgrade firmware of my drive that can be enable burn Verbatim’s 16x DVDs. Now I can only writte at 2,4x speed, I would be satisfied if I can reach 8x!

Try with omnipatcher (you can find it here). With it you can assign to a media you don’t use the strategy for a 16x disc. Anyway you can burn max @8x this disc (811 is a 8x burner).

I know that 811 is 8x burner, but when I try to burn Verbatim’s 16x DVD, it recognize it as 2,4x DVD speed only!

geno888 provided a link, where you can download omnipatcher. with it, you can add the media code of your discs (mcc004?) to a 811s firmware and reflash your drive.
just read the included info files.

you can burn the media only at this speed, because its code is missing in the media table and the default speed for unknown media is 2,4x…

UAAA, it is realy working. Thank you guys! HND