Liteon 811s Problems

I ran the following programme RPcde2* utility to my Liteon dvdrw 811s by mistake and now my drive wont work. See below for the info on what ive downloaded. All the drive does now is constantly have the light flashing and wont read any disks. The firmware on the drive is ok I just hope running this programme hasnt wrecked my writer. Does anybody have any ideas how I can rectify this.

WARNING: DVDRW (burners) and combo CDRW/DVD drives DO NOT USE Rpcde2 !!! I know I cant believe i missed this warning.

Step 1 - Make the DVD-ROM drive region free:

The Rpcde2* utility works on all 163, 165 and 166 drives, including OEM and rebadged and on Liteon notebook dvd-rom drives.
There might be the odd firmware version that won’t work, so upgrade first (Dell ltd 163 owners have a look here)
Download Rpcde2 here run in Windows, select the correct drive in the drop menu and press “Disable”, press “OK”.
That’s it! the drive’s region protection is now disabled!
WARNING: DVDRW (burners) and combo CDRW/DVD drives DO NOT USE Rpcde2 !!!
Instead get LtnRPC at dhc014’s page or directly here

Your question should be asked in the LiteOn forum. It’s always useful to use the search function for possible answers to your problem.

Apologies if you have already sorted this :slight_smile:

I meant the LiteOn forum on this site. Just to clarify. :wink:

try ltnflash 1.24 and see if that helps. There are a few other heavy duty tools around beside that one that MIGHT fix it dwepending on what actually happened to it. If the lights are just flashing yellow you might heve messed up the checksum of the firmware or hwere it is located in the drive and there might be a tool that can help fix that too. Check SSSeths sig line for tools and dhc014 has some too. Those tools can damage your drive possibly if used improperly so read the info and know what your doing and to which drive.