LiteOn 811S Problem & Drivers

A newbie, kind of, question. This drive shipped with 2 CD’s marked DVD+RW and DVD-RW. The manual says that these drivers are required for functionality. But? I discovered that neither one of those CD’s actually worked, and thought the problem was with the drive. OThers worked however.

So, do I need to install drivers to write +RW’s? The drive is recognized by Nero.

Thanks for any advice :wink:

there blank rewritable disks suppliedto get u started my retail only came with a dvd+rw :confused:

I got DVD+R 4x and DVD+RW 4x in the retail box with my drive.

looks like dabs stole my dvd+r disk :a

Those CD’s are install CD’s, not blank media. My question was directed at what was required to install for DVD+RW functionality? Are drivers required. I’m running Win2K. Thanks again

my sonic and power dvd are the only other disks that came with my retain 811s my sonic is a bunch of utils and a burning program power dvd is a software dvd player there are no drivers as such windows will see it as it will see any other atapi drive hope that answers the question u are asking as im under the impresion u said the disks were in ones marked dvd+rw and dvd-rw these other programs have there names pressed onto the top side of the disk which u havent mentioned


you need to do nothing to have full function of all DVD+R -R +RW -RW on the lite-on its in the hardware there are no drivers to load , its built in to the drive and the drive does it no matter what, just use any burning software.

I got my retail box in Holland and there was only one +rw disc and nothing more than the software, so no -rw or +r or anything. The box was unopened so I guess there are retailpackages that only contain the +rw disc.

well…my retail box with 411S didn’t come with ANY dvd+r or dvd+rw…:a

Maybe i should complaint at the store? i think i was robbed:a