LiteOn 811S error reports of PI/P0



It is pretty interesting to me, that my 811S report (kProbe) a lot higher PI/P0 values than 812S. In fact, it’s almost 10 and even more times higher than in my new 812S. Is there a bad batch of LiteOns here which don’t report correct PI/P0 values?

I tried with two different firmwares (original, HS0K and HS0Q) and in either cases average min PI value were around 100. Once I burned on MCC media (Verbatim DVD+R) and I was horrified with the result. Average PI was around 600 :eek:??? I immediately tried copying the content to HD and in relief, it succeded. The other time I burned some x low quality media which was made in my country (Slovenija, ever heard of it?). Immediately after burning I tried to copy the content to HD, but in half a minute system report a CRC errror. Even more strange is that once, one DVD (optodisc) was not even readable directly after burning even in 811S. That unrecognized DVD is at least readable in 812S nad kProbe report: PUH Skipped at LBA 10h, ignore 1ECC block. What kind of error is that?

Is there anyone else with 811S drive which PI/P0 values are unusaly high?


The value of KProbe tests is to compare two discs if both discs get scanned on the same drive and firmware, allowing you to do a relative comparison. Results to depend on what drive is being used to read, and as a result KProbe results should never be taken absolutely, only relatively. (in fairness, this is something that applies to any form of do-it-yourself testing)

It could be indicative that you got a drive whose reading ability isn’t as good as the other LiteOn drives…


is the 812 really better at burning than the 851s/811s? Does media differ greatly between drives? I’ve been using RICOHJPNR01 discs (Maxell and i get great burns. Can you show me a great kprobe scan for a 812? Here is my best scan so far


I got exactly the same problems with my 811S. KProbe scans are only average even with Ricoh and MCC media… I´m pretty disappointed about my writer… I hope that Ridisc (RITEKG04) that i should get within the next days will perform better…


Well, I have one Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 01RG20), burned with 811S. KProbe showed (811) avg PI around 160 which is not good but still under spec. When I kprobed this media with new drive (812S) I was very suprised. Avg. PI under 10! Why so much diference?


Could be that your 812S is a better reader and “saw” fewer errors (KP does not measure errors on a disc, but what the drive “sees” as errors on a disc, which is why results are only relatively comparable, because you need the same drive “seeing” the disc in order for the results to be comparable)… this may either be because the 812S is a better model, or you just got unlucky and got a 811S drive with damaged reading abilities.


My 811s also reports strange results in Kprobe and CD Speed 3, that is until I changed the speed down to 2x. Any faster and I would get errors in the thousands in both programs.

I hate my 811s (oem), looking at upgrading to an 812s (retail). :sad:


Is this reason enough to replace the drive?