Liteon 811s + DVD+R (IS01-001-00)

seems the burning software (DVD Decrypter and TMPGEnd DVD Author)can’t finalize the disk, so the DVD player spins forever try to recognize the disk. Someone mentioned this in the forum, but didn’t offer a solution.

I am new to the forum, could somebody kindly give me a link to the solution? Thanks.

Hi, and welcome.

IS01-001-00 is not supported in the latest 811S firmware, and if the firmware does not support it, you will get problems like the one you have just described.

Use another media type that is supported, or you can try to manually add support for this media type into the firmware.

From the LiteOn FAQ…

thank you so much for your reply. I did read the faq before posting my question. but didn’t know the section you refered are the key to the solution. I will go over them again.

Hehe, that’s okay. The fact that you provided the exact media code in your post without being asked for it meant that you did more research into the problem than most other people. :wink:

Now, I am at the final step, that is, to flash the firmware. But before I do this, I’d like to describe what happened and ask two pertaining questions.

20 out of the 30 disks I burned can’t be recognized by either my DVD player or my computer. Though DVD Decrypter tells me the disk is successfully burnt, insert the disk again, it tells me the disk is ‘incomplete’. When finalizing at 98%, TMPGEnc DVD Author would give me ‘invalid unit number’ prompt. Both software would have a very slow lead-in writing process when coaster occurs. So my questions are:

Should I flash the firmware? (co’s the other 10 are successfully burnt, maybe the problem is only the incompatibility between the burner and +R disks?) If I shall flash the firmware, which write strategy should I choose, may I use the original one? (those 10 disks indicate the original write strategy MAYBE good enough)

When browsing the web, I realized you’re the author of many posts and articles. I am thankful for your effort and your help. A newbie like me really owes you alot.

Well, there is no original write strategy for this media type in the 811S firmware. It’s using the firmware’s generic write strategy, and right now, it seems that the generic write strategy has a 66% failure rate, which isn’t exactly very good. You might end up with a worse failure rate if you choose a bad write strategy. But the generic strategy is usually not very suitable, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that does better than it.

tried all the cominbations i can think of, such as in iso-write mode, auto->DVD; close disc; change book type, burning at a slower speed (both in DVD Decrypter and Nero) etc. still got the problem. thinking about opening the case to clean the lasor head, but before doing that, borrowed a -R disc, voila, the disc is burnt perfectly alright.

because i had similar problems with +R before, so my question is: is liteon 811s really a dual format burner? is there a way to improve its capability in burning +R disks? because the other burner i have (i/o magic IDVD8DBE) gave me the same headache, i thought it must be the software. but it turns out to be the hardware. now that i know the reason, i feel much better. thank you so much for your help.

I believe Prodisc R02 is supposed to be a pretty good codeswap for this one

hi matth, so you suggest i change the write strategy to Prodic R02? i was thinking about upgrade the firmware to liteon 851 or 812 using the omnipatcher.

Upgrading a 811 to another drive model is not possible.

didn’t try that yet, will i do any damages to the burner if i do, or the omnipatcher simply won’t let me? thanks.

hi ala42, i got the answers to my questions above. that can’t be done, because 811s belongs to the first generation. i got it. thanks.

You can’t crossflash up, but you can patch media codes in the 811S firmware and apply it.
IS01 001 was given a fair old runthrough on a different drive, but it’s reasonable to expect similar substitutions to work.

hi matth, i am going to change the writing strategy to Prodisc R02 as you suggested, but I don’t have anything to burn right now, I used Kprobe once, but at 96%, it freezed, and don’t know how to look at the graph it produces, seems for pi, the larger the shaded area, the better; for pif, the smaller the better. i will let you know if Prodisc R02 works once i have something to burn. thanks.

hi guys, another factor, which i didn’t think could be the reason, may cause all these headaches: enclosure. i put the burner inside of a 1394 enclosure. this is my thinking, if it were the enclosure, neither would i be able to burn -R and +RW disks. silly me wanted to make things simple, but didn’t realize i didn’t provide enoug information.

a friend of mine says he had similar problems, he has a burner same as mine, and we successfully burnt one disk using his desktop. i will go to his home again tomorrow to see if my burner works in his desktop.

i noticed one big difference though. when burning using the desktop, at the final stage, DVD Decrypter would say how many percentages finalizing the disk, for example, 11%->23%->47%…till 100%. never have i seen that when using the enclosure, and that’s why all the disks are incomplete.

back home, i searched the forum, and found a whole bunch of posts dealing with enclosures. do you guys have a quick answer to my problem? or could you please give me the link to the post that i should read? thanks.

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Reflashing the drive across a Firewire or USB connection is another issue I’m not sure of - I know that it most certainly denies the use of MTKFlash for emergency recovery, but then you don’t resort to that unless it’s hosed.

Enclosures do add another issue, as it seems many chipsets are not well tuned for optical drives.